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One Drop At A Time – School Water Project Abuja

The Maria-Nina Foundation is working on numerous projects around the globe. Presently in Nigeria, these are our current and ongoing projects across the country.

Free Clinic

Exciting news! With the support of our partners, a free clinic may be coming to your area soon.  We will keep you informed.

Maria-Nina Kids

Through our School Water Project, we are committed to providing clean and potable drinking water to schools and communities – One Drop At A Time


MANIF Annual National Essay Competition 

The MANIF annual essay competition is one of our trademark educational activities demonstrating our continued commitment.

Charity Shops

Visit our charity shop in Guzape Asokoro and pop-up shops where you see our logo. While most of our items are donated and fairly used, be assured of an array of quality choice goods at the right price. 

Nigeria, Africa

Help secure the future of our children and sponsor a child’s education today! Receive regular updates and letters from the child you sponsor! Put a smile on their face

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Join our children’s club network, Maria-Nina Kids, where children get introduced early to the concept of promoting human welfare and how to go about it in an individual way. 

Maria-Nina Heroes

Once a year, The Maria-Nina Foundation Heroes’ Scheme acknowledges the efforts of people dedicated to selfless and humanitarian service in their communities. Look out for our call for nominations and get a chance to nominate someone you believe deserves this recognition and award.

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