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We aspire to maximally develop communities, recognizing the intricate relationship between various needs. As such, our themes are as broad as they are specific and they are:

Community and social development

Community and social development through participation

With our carefully designed interventions that embrace the diversity of the people and support their growth and development, we aim to create dynamic and sustainable communities and restore dignity where poverty may have compromised it. Through the participation of local communities, we can build a better nation and a legacy for future generations. Our conditional cash transfer scheme has been instrumental in achieving our aims.

Health Care

Health care and health promotion

The health status of citizens reflects the true development of a country. Therefore, we are committed to promoting safe health practices and healthy behaviors through a range of tools and campaigns designed to promote better attitudes towards achieving and maintaining good health, while building lasting partnerships to provide healthcare solutions to the underserved. We hold year-round seminars, outreaches, training and workshops based on specific health needs assessments of local communities. 
Our sub-departments are headed by public health experts with vast experience in water and sanitation, maternal and child health, immunization, outbreak investigation and control of infectious diseases, health screening, education, and promotion. 



We are particularly invested in the education and training of children, particularly those who come from less privileged backgrounds in low and middle-income countries. We aim to put children of school age back in classes and provide them necessary school supplies to foster adequate learning. While we have a few scholarships, we welcome sponsorship in this area to support our mission (see our sponsor a child program). Our annual essay competitions for secondary and tertiary students run from October to December.

Youth Mentorship and empowerment

Youth mentorship and empowerment

At MANIF, we realize the important role youths play in developing a nation and thus encourage their systematic participation in nation-building activities. Our mentorship and empowerment programs are designed to build youths’ capacity and equip them with the necessary tools, skills, and attitudes to harness their inherent potential so as to contribute meaningfully to society.

Women empowerment

Women empowerment

We believe that women are the pillars of our community and the building blocks of the home. We also believe that empowering a woman, empowers the home and thus, empowers the nation. We recognize the enormous positive impact of women empowerment on the health and educational outcomes of children. We, therefore, offer women the opportunity to develop themselves and assist them to be self-sufficient through our training, capacity building, and empowerment programs.

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