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World Humanitarian Day August 19th

World Humanitarian Day

This year's World Humanitarian day, August the 19th marks the 10th anniversary of a day designated by the United Nations General Assembly to recognise the efforts of those championing humanitarian causes and those who have lost their lives doing so.

The Maria-Nina Foundation will be commemorating this year's event captioned #WomenHumanitarians with series of events kicking off on the 18th of August.

Amidst the many activities planned by The Maria-Nina Foundation in step with this year’s caption, women from the Guzape community who have worked tirelessly to improve the welfare of the community will be recognised.

Other activities includes a community development and health promotion / disease prevention drive and Poverty Alleviation Seminar.

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The Maria-Nina Foundation
The Maria-Nina Foundation
Sep 02, 2019

Thanks to our partners and volunteers, and of course the local people of Guzape district, Asokoro Extension, Abuja, our World Humanitarian Day commemoration activities were a huge success. The main events were health education, health promotion and mass screening, with a focus on non-communicable and communicable disease prevention. Increasingly, the contribution of non-communicable diseases to morbidity and mortality in sub-Saharan Africa is being rightly recognised. Diabetes and hypertension are particularly notorious as silent stealers of health, as their signs and symptoms may go unnoticed till irreparable damage is done to "target' organs i.e. the brain, eyes, heart and kidneys or till catastrophic events such as strokes occur in the case of hypertension. Fortunately, they are cheap and easy to diagnose…

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